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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

snowy recovery

my attempt to start submitting regularly to my blog was thwarted by the worst headache i’ve had in well over a year. i am still recovering quite slowly from it and having a difficult time forming thoughts; my chest is also very sore from 9 hours of heaving.

enough of that!

# # # # #

andrew breitbart is still dead, but his spirit is alive within me and others who continue to fight the good fight against the bias of the mainstream media!

i am bartacus!

speaking of the mainstream media: the alleged comedian bill maher calls sarah palin a c#nt and he’s a hero for it; rush limbaugh calls a georgetown law student (destined to get a job with a starting salary of $160,000+ and she wants taxpayers to pay for her sexual antics?) a slut and the media strokes this woman (name withheld intentionally) like she was shot with an assault rifle. now, let me get this straight: she’s spending $3000 a year on contraception? what? is she operating a bordello? the left scrambles to support her bilking revenue like she’s a democratic senator, but refuse to look at the fact that in a year or so, she will be the 1%!

# # # # #

construction of the chevy volt has been halted temporarily while they figure out how to cover up that they are discontinuing the product line.

# # # # #

despite not feeling up to much of anything i did attend family home evening last night with the other empty nesters and volunteered to host the next session, which means that i’ll need to come up with a lesson and something creative for dessert. actually, it doesn’t really need to be creative; i would just prefer it. i’ll come up with something. i think i know what i’m going to use for the lesson.

# # # # #

i saw the movie hugo the other night. my advice: watch it; buy it; live it! it is not just the best family film i have ever seen, it is one of the best films i have ever seen!

# # # # #

65° and sunny yesterday; snow today. the poor plants and animals don't know what to do.

# # # # #

i’m making beef stew for dinner. guess i’d better get on that.

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