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Saturday, March 3, 2012

in the meantime

it has been a long time since i’ve contributed to my blog; and since i want to write another story and writing begets more writing, i thought i’d start with the blog and see where it takes me.

this one will be brief and a means to just get caught up to where i am at this time.

the ghost hunting i began with my friends sandie lanae and loretta reed inspired a wonderful story that i wrote in screenplay format that i call “the ghost dancer”. i spent almost a year (to the day) working on it and i am very pleased with the outcome. now, i have to sell it.

i joined the church of jesus christ of latter day saints about 18 months ago. i am an aaronic priest at this time, but i am hoping to be ordained as a melchizedek priest in the coming days in the office of elder. i am also the first councilor in the sunday school presidency. joining the church has been good for me and i feel as though i am bringing mormonism back to my family: i come from pioneer blood and one of my ancestors, henry grow, designed the roof of the tabernacle in salt lake city. the ol’ man was raised in the church, but left it as a teenager.

i’m living in a studio apartment in carson city upstairs from friends of mine from church. it is a lovely home and my apartment is perfect for me. my view is of the eastern sierra and the deck out my backdoor overlooks a nice koi pond and waterfall. i’m about ¼ mile from the governor’s mansion and just a little farther than that from the state capitol. i’m surrounded with history and live just outside of the carson city historic district.

i ventured back into theatre last fall when i was cast in “a tuna christmas” as two different radio announcers: thurston wheelis and leonard childers. yep. typecasting.

and that is the nutshell version of what i’ve been up to over the last year-and-a-half.

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