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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

writing about music is like dancing about architecture

an amazingly wonderful thing happened today!

this could change my life!

i’m afraid to say anything about it at this point as not to jinx it.

so, let’s talk about music.

maybe it is the atmosphere.

maybe it is the vibe.

maybe it doesn’t matter.

ever since i hit route 1, coming out of marina heading south to the peninsula, i have listened to nothing but classical music while i’m driving.

kboq (pronounced: k-bach).

it’s a syndicated format from a satellite feed. i can tell because i’m a radio-guy, alright?

i have long loved classical music but had no classical-mentor to guide me.

i had to discover it myself through bands like emerson, lake & palmer and yes and the synthesist tomita.

over the years, my classical exposure has grown. but slowly.

that is certainly changing.

about a year ago, i made a new friend through the internet who is an amazing keyboard player. i discovered him through youtube when i found a video featuring him in an elp tribute band. this cat had keith’s licks down solid (sans knives in the keys). and let me tell you: keith’s licks are nothing like elton john’s. the medley’s that he arranged featuring elp, with a little uk thrown in for good measure, just knocked me out.

gary calame does music for the movies and tv.

he has sent me several bits that he has composed from tonal to atonal modern classical music to jazz.

the cat is hot!

i’ve spent a good part of the evening listening to a piece he is working on by franz liszt. i can’t wait to hear him play it! just the fact that he is working on the piece impresses the shit out of me. i don’t think i have ever heard a more complicated and intricate piece of piano playing.

liszt must have been mad and gary must be madder to play it!

of course he is.

he loves drag racing!

franz liszt 1811-1886

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