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Thursday, July 26, 2007

the quest for a good cup

to paraphrase dr. pretorious from the movie "the bride of frankenstein": "coffee: it is my only weakness!"

i have been a coffee snob for years.

long before starbucks had a shop on every-other corner and coffee became fashionable.

i have nothing against starbuck’s. their growth has made it easier to acquire high quality coffees from a variety of sources due to their ever-present presence. i kind of look at starbucks as being the in-n-out of coffee houses; far better than mc donalds but not as good as tavern on the green. when i walk into a starbucks, i expect a decent, consistent latte or cappuccino (i’ve been doing mostly cappuccinos lately when i go for a “fuller” cup of coffee).

but, when ron and i go for coffee, 4-bucks a morning begins to add up.

so, i’ve been settling for french roast; the only “bold” coffee that "coffee girl" offers. they also offer a light blend, french decaf and some kind of flavored crap for people who don’t like real coffee.

in my opinion, the french know nothing about roasting coffee.

now the italians, on the other hand, are right on the money.

the italian techniques don’t take the bean to the borderline burned stage.

italian roasts are nice and sweet and creamy, while still being “bold”.

french roast is just. . . well. . . it is burned and bitter flavored.

the last two mornings they have been out of french roast.

leaving me with a choice of light, flavored and decaf.

i alway said if i ever start drinking coffee just to wake up in the morning i would quit.

i'm resorting to pulling my own coffee and will meet ron at the beach to take our meetings.

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