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Sunday, July 22, 2007

my day off

spent my only day off painting.

at least there is light at the end of my tunnel of woe.

all we have to do is ron’s room and bathroom and my bathroom and we’re done!

we celebrated at the dollhouse with ultra-thick (1¼”) t-bone steaks and fresh pineapple.

i think i may have lost my cell phone. i cannot find it. i’ve tried calling it and listening for the ring in the car and all over the media center.

i’m not happy about this!

what i am happy about is: somebody uploaded a bunch of videos onto youtube of a 1980 talking heads concert recorded in rome. this was one of the tours featuring adrian belew. he looks so young and just as talented as he is today! he also seems to be getting as much camera time as david byrne.

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