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Monday, July 23, 2007

drier and dryer

i never once saw the sun today!

the fog ruled!

i even ran up to seaside to get some more paint and i still never saw the sun.

i’m beginning to remember what it is like to live where you cannot expect a dry towel when you get out of the shower.

no! it’s not as bad as maine!

but, it sho’ ain’t “13% humidity today in the truckee meadows”!

found my cell phone.

ron had me up so early yesterday that i never pulled it off of the charger. still don’t know why i didn’t hear it ring when i walked through the house calling myself? hey: at least i still have the damn thing!

santa cruz bill came today to help (?) with the painting project. where is george costanza when you need him?

we did finish ron’s room tonight. now, we just have to do the office. but, it won’t be weeks until we can get in there. it’ll take that long just to pack up the artifacts, antiquities, oddities and obelisks.

before leaving for the dollhouse this morning to supervise the gas line installation, so we can use the dryer, i walked out of the front yard to meet a buck, doe and fawn (still speckled) just passing through.

black tail deer really are my favorite deer and it’s so nice to have them around.

i’m going to try to leash-train one so i can take it for walks to the beach.

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