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Thursday, March 15, 2012

alright, hold it right there... now, hold it over there

it might appear, with my lack of submissions, that i have let the blog slip by again, but i have been away from carson city for a week and have not had time to even return emails, let alone work much on the blog.

i have been working on it a little and you can expect a multi-part submission in the next day or two.

i just returned from southern california where i had several adventures to relate to you. so, rest assured: i have several stories to tell.

# # # # #

unhappy maknam

i do want to pass along my sympathies to the family of peter bergman, the other members of the firesign theatre and all of his/their fans on his passing last Friday due to complications from leukemia. peter, who will always be ¼ of the 4 or 5 crazy guys that make up the firesign theatre, will always be one of my comedic heroes, despite being a raging liberal.

godspeed, peter!

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