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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 (not so) angry actor

i have been cast in another play being produced by the proscenium players, which, like “a tuna christmas”, will be presented at carson city’s brewery arts center. “12 angry men” will be my first attempt at acting in a drama. in the past, i have only been in comedies – typecasting, i guess.

my character, simply identified as “juror 11”, is a european refugee. i’m working on an accent with which i will be comfortable; it doesn’t necessarily have to be accurate, but it does need to be consistent and convincing.

it will also be challenging in that all of the other actors, except for “the guard” – who makes a couple of brief appearances, are always on stage and we all interact with each other.

“12 angry men” takes place in the jury room immediately following a murder trial for a 19-year-old man accused of stabbing his father. upon an initial vote, 11 of the jurors believe the young man to be guilty; one is not so sure.

not only will this production be my first attempt at a dramatic role, it will also be the first time i will perform in the round.

i’m not certain of performance dates, but they will take place over two weekends in may and, at this time, it appears that the sunday matinees will run straight through all three acts without an intermission. don’t let that scare you: we believe the run time of the show to be about an hour. the script was adapted from the teleplay which was shown in one hour in 1954 with two commercial breaks between acts.

# # # # #

i, for the first time last night, hosted family home evening for us empty nesters. instead of all of us reading paragraphs from various talks by the general authority, i chose to play the first two chapters of the audio book i read by max b. skousen: “how to pray and stay awake”, which seemed to be well received and inspired a bit of discussion while we munched on dessert of paula deen’s “original gooey butter cake”.

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the calendar indicates that this is the first day of spring, but here in northern nevada it looks and feels more like winter than winter did. this has been such a strange winter across the country. my ex-wife, carol, posted on my facebook wall that they are expecting three days in a row of 80+ degrees in portland, maine, culminating in a high of 85° on thursday. i’ll bet without the humidity of a typical maine summer it is just lovely there right now. when i lived in maine, we were lucky to get spring-like weather by may.

the house behind us has some flowering tree in bloom and yesterday i noticed a couple of other trees in bloom when i was running around town. mark tells me their apricot trees are in bloom in fallon, which means this will be another year without apricots as the frost is sure to kill the buds before the fruit sets. i’m also seeing a lot of leaf buds on many trees around town and the weeping willows stems and branches are greening-up nicely. having spent several days in emerging spring in jacumba during the glider clinic and a couple of days of full-on spring in the san diego area, i’m ready for it to return to nevada.

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