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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

time for a change

ok, ok, ok!

i know i’ve been remiss in my blog postings.

it’s been a strange few months, to say the least.

i’ll try to get caught up in the coming weeks as my schedule allows.

but, in the meantime. . .

i have moved out to carmel valley.

the new pad

ron and i moved out of the castle and susie and the kids moved out of the dollhouse back in may; ron and susie and the kids moved into, what we now call, “the embassy”, and i have been staying in my friend, richard’s, hotel: the lone oak lodge.

until saturday, that is.

a few weeks ago, my friend, frank, who owns the coffee house ron likes to call “coffee girl”, told me his tenant in his guesthouse was moving out and asked if i’d like to move in.

so, i’m here.

and i love it already!

the view from my kitchen window

this is much more of a monty-type-place than pebble beach. sure, pebble beach is beautiful, but i like living where the sun shines during the summer and the temperature reflects that season. for example: the day i moved in – last saturday – it was almost 70˚ in pebble; out here in carmel valley, about a dozen linear-miles east-southeast from the embassy, it was in the mid-nineties.

i may not have whales and dolphins swimming practically out my backdoor and i may not be serenaded by crashing waves and barking seals as i sleep, but the wildlife here – mountain lions, bobcats, lizards (the other day, ron called as i was about to jump in the shower. “well. how do you like it?” he asked. “i’m in heaven!” i replied. “i’m sitting naked on the edge of my bed and i’m watching a lizard crawl across one of the rocks in my backyard.” i don’t think ron got it!) and king snakes (which means there is little likelihood of rattlesnakes) – is more montyish. it is also as quiet as it was when i used to live in fallon.

the view from my back porch

frank is a pretty cool guy, too!

we share a love of progressive rock (he’s a big “yes” fan as i would also consider myself) and we are going to give a crack at songwriting. frank is a really good guitar player and i’ve been known to sing and write lyrics from time to time. we’ll have to see what we can come up with. he has a recording studio in the main house.

frank is also learning how to use adobe final cut, a video editing program and i’ll soon start working on the same program. as soon as ron buys the right apple computer on which to use the program.

yes. i said apple computer.

that’s going to be the tough part as i’ve never used a mac before.

i’ve been sitting in front of a pc since 1993 and the two computer types are as dissimilar as they are similar.

well, i was 40-years-old when i first sat in front of a pc; i guess i can do the same with a mac at 55, which i am only a month away from.

that’s right! i turn double-nickels in a month from tomorrow!

it seems like it was just a couple of years ago i was anticipating my 21st birthday.

where did the time go?

tonight's sunset from my backyard

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