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Thursday, August 2, 2007

the sun's hello

the sun appeared today, albeit briefly!

that's first time in over a week that the sun has burned through the fog in pebble beach.

i hope this is a sign of things to come!

i made my presence known to the local geocaching group, ccgc, and i've received several very warm emails welcoming me to the coast. they have made up for the lack of sunshine.

ron and i had a dinner meeting a couple of weeks ago with a very talented italian artist by the name of marietta, in addition to santa cruz bill and another of his friends. her work is very picasoesque and some of it is pretty erotic!

it seems i sent her an email to the wrong address. or, at least, not to the right address.

she replied today.

i'm a sucker for italian women!

artistic italian women: whew!

glad i got my smile fixed!

gonna try to talk ron into cruising by santa cruz on our way back from shopping for a truck for the loganator; she's exposing (her words, not mine) her work at a festival this weekend.

she is quite beautiful.

the measuring begins.

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